Our by Phen Weston

Always, the air had placed foiled garments at my feet. If your brain is broken, may I suggest dissection? Cut the pieces and strip the flesh back to infinity, place them upon the ground! Remember that I am your beast. The ground splinters and spits tubular in gross expectancy and low, I am never, nor [...]


Ornament by Flower Bomb

Razor blade brush strokes decorate the sky tonight, cue the chorus of whispers who carry emotional implosion, I was awaken from a dream only to be paralyzed in the twilight of buried memories and their shadows of nostalgia, there is a coffin parade in my head that ticks like a clock, there is a hole [...]

Atomic by Flower Bomb

Action blurs the line between imagination and reality, unravelling the unreality of rules and boundries. The reality of rulers only exists in the minds of the subservient. The digital world quantifies personality to a pixel construction of holographic emotions. The surrendering of individuality materializes the taming process of divorce between civil servant and ungovernable animality. [...]

I Am Julian’s by Julian Langer

I am Julian’s screaming revenge I want to bleed black paint To cover cities full of people Living their empty little lives I am Julian’s absentee God If I could smash all the icons Of my hallowed father I’d walk through the dust I am Julian’s brain tumour The searing white hot migraines The kind [...]

The Wood or I? by Alexander M. Rezk

You told me to go walking in the forest, That I had to go alone, That you could no longer come with me. You told me to go searching in the forest, That it wouldn’t matter if you tried, That you could not stay, And nor should I. I did not believe you, Yet the [...]

Old Man Winter by Gypsy Marie

Cold as stone and death and bones are the frosts of Old Man Winter the children's fright on Krampus night chills both saints and sinners Sacrifices upon Kronos wheel frigid and biting as steel All that keeps, is what Saturn seeks For age is gone, neither kept nor won As old as the change of [...]