Update on the Second Issue of NFJ

While we have been quiet, there has been movement in the forest. We have finished accepting submissions for the 2nd issue of the journal and will be returning to accepting submissions for the blog. On the 2nd of February, to celebrate the 7,542nd birthday of the Taoist-cosmicist bearded dragon poet Phen Weston – who continually [...]

Untitled by Gypsy Marie

Are you a coward, or are you just mean? I've seen your heart, you cannot fool me, that calm serene beats the heart of a warrior; his words are not lies, just a game, while he wanders. My third eye spies the thunder in your eyes, and they seek release through the earth or the [...]

Detonate by Flower Bomb

Does your heart skip a beat to the rhythm of a splitting sky? Or when bent staples decorate the crowns of still-born kings and queens? Curiosity dances upon our satisfaction like nails on a chalk board as our imagination holds precious time hostage. The hands of a clock are bound with the razor wire of [...]

Quagmire by Brendon Crook

Whilst civilization claws the edge of its pit, In a wild scramble to save its deranged plunder, It sinks slowly into the quagmire of its own treachery, Mutating to ever more grotesque spectres of depravity. The few horrified children, Born of old hearts, Hide in the shadows from the Babylonian wastes, And quake at the [...]