Untitled by Gypsy Marie

There is a shiny part of my soul that seeks to be in union with the forest, and when I am in the forest, I open my eyes and realize that I am the trees and the breeze and the ease with which the earth rotates. I am apart of the soul that is whole, and completely un-fragmented by time or reasons why. I shelter myself under pines, and divine is the vision I seek, when I am looking out into the rain to remember that this is only pain. The heartache is a bird whistling her tune for the wind, forever changing and never blaming. When the sky is blue, or the sky is grey or the wind is fierce and life is falling away, there is no cause, there is only the just, which just…must. I sit amidst the stream, and I dream the biggest dream, which means that I am seen in the reflection of water, pristine and clean movement, away and beyond the setting Sun.

The river never stays, but it strays and it wanders among lakes and seas being caressed by the breeze that was first inside the forests. While the melody changes, the roots stay the same, and there is no shame in where your heart remains, there can be no blame when the drum beats the same. The fire and the quaking, the blood and the aching, the cave and the hill, and the power of will.

Take me to the forest I want to be amongst trees, and when I feel so uncertain, I’ll remember the leaves.

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