Untitled by Gypsy Marie

Are you a coward, or are you just mean? I’ve seen your heart, you cannot fool me, that calm serene beats the heart of a warrior; his words are not lies, just a game, while he wanders.

My third eye spies the thunder in your eyes, and they seek release through the earth or the skies.

“ARGH” he cries, he fears to be weak, but weakness is as weakness does;

A Warrior shows strength, and a warrior shows love when a warrior gets cold, he puts on his gloves.

When the sky falls, he still feels the rain and the floods of heaven releasing its pain. Right or wrong, madness or sane; Touches all things on the material plane. The realest of real is all you can feel, a dousing of magic, a pinch of the wild all come alive in the mind of a child. The wildest of you plays in the vilest of me, the best parts of you is what I’ve chosen to see. I will not go backward, though I’ll remember my roots, when the grey overtakes me and I feel the blues.

When I grow old and I take my last breath, my love for you will still scare me to death. I vow now to leave nothing unsaid, I want it all the fuck outta my head.

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