There is birdsong in the forest, there is whale-song beneath the sea, and in the self-defaced habitat of the human there is also much noise, but its character and quality may be judged more harshly than other musics; We determine that the grinding of gears and the weeping of starving children are not beautiful sounds. In this, it seems We go against the current of popular opinion, but there are worse rivers in which to attempt an upstream journey – since the advent of industrial-scale pollution and poisoning of the waterways of the Earth, it seems there are almost too many to choose from.

In response to the ugliness of sound abounding around Us, We were inspired to begin the NIGHT FOREST project, creating music of animosity toward the Leviathan in whose entrails We linger. We have welcomed other dissatisfied individuals to harmonise in both aggression and joy, revelling in Our personal wars upon the constraints of the civilised world as well as the ecstasies of brief escape into the truly wild and beautiful. Pursuant to expanding upon the potential offered by such harmonies, We, the NIGHT FOREST CELL OF RADICAL POETS, announce the creation of the NIGHT FOREST JOURNAL. This journal is set for publication in several months’ time, at the height of Northern Hemisphere winter, and Southern summer, and will be published online, as well as potentially in print.

To this end, We invite all with rage and love in their souls to offer submissions to the NIGHT FOREST JOURNAL, in the form of RADICAL POETRY, FICTION, ESSAY, PROSE, ART, or PHOTOGRAPHY. Submissions in other formats will be considered, and are welcomed, if the medium is transferrable to the limiting form of a journal. We desire RAW-POETIC expression, as We embrace the concept of such expression as war upon the Leviathan, and it is Our position that should such an abomination as the global capitalist technocracy someday be brought down it will be done in creative and beautiful fashions, through poetic insurrection and artistic terrorism. The expressions We search for must be subversive and radical, occupying a space of total opposition to the Leviathanic values and embracing truly sustainable, savage, and rewilded lifeways. On this subject however, as there is so much existing discussion as to what feral life or sustainable community may look like, and what processes might be taken to achieve it, We encourage great creativity in searching for new aesthetics of resistance and war against civilisation; to this end, the project is open to those of anarchist, post-anarchist, and non-anarchist tendencies alike. Any seeking more insight into Our positions and tendency are directed to our MANIFESTO, accessible through our WordPress site, as this elaborates further on the forms and nature of RAW-POETRY as We perceive it.

Submissions are accepted through our Facebook page, as well as our email,

“We will NEVER renounce raw-poetry and poetry of destruction as a means of ATTACK. Our WILL-TO-LIFE, WILL-TO-POWER, is drawn towards REBELLION and REVOLT. Ontological-cosmic rebellion is far more interesting and enjoyable for Us than the monotonous comatose world of politics.”

“Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.”
– Henry David Thoreau