Detonate by Flower Bomb

Does your heart skip a beat to the rhythm of a splitting sky? Or when bent staples decorate the crowns of still-born kings and queens? Curiosity dances upon our satisfaction like nails on a chalk board as our imagination holds precious time hostage. The hands of a clock are bound with the razor wire of [...]

Cardboard Moon by Flower Bomb

An election is an annually re-newed prescription fill, certified and picture-framed by the exploding skys of lead-rain imperialism. So many digits and numbers tie the knots of woven order and security that keep us warm in the dark space of infinity, but their sunshine is a dying star and their beaches are washed up ash [...]

Ornament by Flower Bomb

Razor blade brush strokes decorate the sky tonight, cue the chorus of whispers who carry emotional implosion, I was awaken from a dream only to be paralyzed in the twilight of buried memories and their shadows of nostalgia, there is a coffin parade in my head that ticks like a clock, there is a hole [...]

Atomic by Flower Bomb

Action blurs the line between imagination and reality, unravelling the unreality of rules and boundries. The reality of rulers only exists in the minds of the subservient. The digital world quantifies personality to a pixel construction of holographic emotions. The surrendering of individuality materializes the taming process of divorce between civil servant and ungovernable animality. [...]