The Wood or I? by Alexander M. Rezk

You told me to go walking in the forest, That I had to go alone, That you could no longer come with me. You told me to go searching in the forest, That it wouldn’t matter if you tried, That you could not stay, And nor should I. I did not believe you, Yet the [...]

Old Man Winter by Gypsy Marie

Cold as stone and death and bones are the frosts of Old Man Winter the children's fright on Krampus night chills both saints and sinners Sacrifices upon Kronos wheel frigid and biting as steel All that keeps, is what Saturn seeks For age is gone, neither kept nor won As old as the change of [...]

Fingers of Paradise by Brendon Crook

Upon a flowers petal I sensed the Universe, As she fluttered to the breezes beckoning. I saw the forests, The oceans, The most distant star and furthest galaxy. I saw slivers of light escaping the clouds in a broken sunset, As night devours the final vestiges of daylight. As creation poured forth in fitful waves [...]

Consort of Death by Brendon Crook

Hear it surging through the trees, As it wails for thy soul. Dark shadows against a silver moon, Proclaiming its illusion of grandeur. Its cold claws tearing, At thy final flits of freedom, Its chilling bewail is, Calling to thee. Can thee hear the piercing, Demented howling? ‘Tis thy soul it wishes to vanquish, Wishing [...]

Blood Moon by Phen Weston

On Her working days She was known as Blood Moon! In Her infinite moments, Blood Moon had collapsed through legend and sustained Her luminosity bright above burning infernos. When menfolk offered Her anguish and lifeblood as sacrifice Blood Moon had cleansed their empires and burned them as livestock. She did so with fury, while dancing [...]

I Walked the Circle by Allison Grayhurst

I walked in a strange place where light was named darkness and darkness named light and knew it was my new home. How can this be? I asked myself, inspecting each inversion of authenticity. Gravity, I answered, wiping off dust, pulling down the thick clouds. Sorrow crept into my sleep, confusion hijacked my taste buds. [...]