Detonate by Flower Bomb

Does your heart skip a beat to the rhythm of a splitting sky? Or when bent staples decorate the crowns of still-born kings and queens? Curiosity dances upon our satisfaction like nails on a chalk board as our imagination holds precious time hostage. The hands of a clock are bound with the razor wire of [...]

Quagmire by Brendon Crook

Whilst civilization claws the edge of its pit, In a wild scramble to save its deranged plunder, It sinks slowly into the quagmire of its own treachery, Mutating to ever more grotesque spectres of depravity. The few horrified children, Born of old hearts, Hide in the shadows from the Babylonian wastes, And quake at the [...]

And the Spirit Wept by Brendon Crook

The spirit wept as humanity, Unsheathed its sword against nature. The silver sword sweeping, Dragging the free and mystical, To their eternal silence, In a neon lit orgy of greed, Leaving far behind the sacred groves. As humanity plummets, Ever further into the yawning abyss of hell, The seeds of despair become, Mighty forests of [...]

Cardboard Moon by Flower Bomb

An election is an annually re-newed prescription fill, certified and picture-framed by the exploding skys of lead-rain imperialism. So many digits and numbers tie the knots of woven order and security that keep us warm in the dark space of infinity, but their sunshine is a dying star and their beaches are washed up ash [...]

Call For Submissions For Issue 2 of The Night Forest Journal.

Following the response we have received for the first issue of The Night Forest Journal, we are pleased to announce the call out for submissions for the second issue. As a project that is based online, it is clear that those who want to write with us, and those who enjoy reading our words, share [...]

Where Death Visited by Brendon Crook

The finale of my days occurred in these woods. My soul to cope no longer with the destruction. As time closed in, I heard the saws over the valley, As the echoes reverberated throughout the forest, I felt a searing stabbing pain within my head. Moisture began to weep from my eyes, Streaming down my [...]