Untitled by Gypsy Marie

Are you a coward, or are you just mean? I've seen your heart, you cannot fool me, that calm serene beats the heart of a warrior; his words are not lies, just a game, while he wanders. My third eye spies the thunder in your eyes, and they seek release through the earth or the [...]

AKU DAN DIRIKU / I With Myself by Okty Budiati

18 Februari dari balik likat menyamar pula rembulan kematian bukanlah limbah seperti taburan belantik tikam rongga pekuburan aku jalani hidup di bumi kebiadaban raga terobati merakit gasing berkarat tercekik serasa bernafas di sudut ini; aku kesepian perang menarikku pulang --------------------- February 18th, behind the murky nebulous moon death is not the cesspool like the sparkling [...]

Call For Submissions For Issue 2 of The Night Forest Journal.

Following the response we have received for the first issue of The Night Forest Journal, we are pleased to announce the call out for submissions for the second issue. As a project that is based online, it is clear that those who want to write with us, and those who enjoy reading our words, share [...]

For The Children-March 15th 2019 by Dan John

It’s often repeated To listen to your elders But what if your elders talk emphatically of only wildly fantastical things? Leprechauns and meritocracy Unicorns and GDP Loch Ness monsters and sustainability Sasquatch and the global economy Children should get to take the future’s face between both hands Gaze into its eyes and kiss it deeply [...]